Business Development

As a growth strategy consulting company, we assist a wide range of companies to overcome their growth challenges and successfully expand in Sub Saharan Africa. Learn how your business can realize the benefits of this greatly emerging market.

Market research & analysis

We conduct market research, due diligence, planning and execution services for successful entry into new markets across a spectrum of industries with a key focus in Sub Saharan Africa operational expansion

Product development & Innovation

The need to innovate has never been greater. We can assist you in creating appropriate innovation partnerships, quickly develop innovation solutions and design an innovation blueprint to help you grow. Companies and Entrepreneurs collaborate with our team of product designers, engineers and strategist to design and develop your next ground breaking application or solution from ideation to execution.

Entrepreneurial Mentorship

Bora Growth Partners has a team of experienced experts with diverse background and skillset to assist you in shaping future business leaders. A huge challenge for entrepreneurs is the gap between founder expertise and the capacity to implement your business model. We help companies to bridge this gap by availing essential expertise to help you succeed

Our clients are our most valued partners. We grow together through synergies, industry diversity and expertise leverage.

Some of our clients & affiliates