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Bora Growth Partners is a growth strategy consulting firm that assists companies with business development, growth and expansion into the Sub Sahara Africa through research and execution of successful operational up-scaling. Our involvement can be through project-based management consulting, or long-term additions to your strategy team.  

Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go
— T.S Eliot


Portraits by George Gitau

Mohamed Majapa
Director, Business Development

Mohamed is an Entrepreneur and MBA Graduate (Cum laude - University of Cape Town) with a background in financial economics, market research and strategy formulation. His current area of focus is developing growth strategies for entrepreneurs, businesses and corporations, particularly those looking to venture in new markets within sub-Saharan Africa. 

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Mark Schreiber

Business Development

Mark is a qualified Geometrician and MBA Graduate. He has gained 10 years experience in the engineering industry, and over 12 years of management experience in a small professional environment. This has prepared him to deal with all aspects of business.

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Steven Sajja
Partner, Technology

Steven has engaged in multiple facets of the product development from user experience, architectural planning and software development. He also comes with a great knowledge of fintech, strategy planning and has consulted with multiple firms in the Sub-saharan Africa over an array of topics like tech, business strategy, business development and process formulation & strategy. 

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Stanford Cheelo Mujuta

Economist and Market Researcher

Stanford has an advanced degree in economics - with working experience in market and economic research, strategy and consulting in the African region. His current activities involve brand-tracking, consumer experience and economic research.





Louis Kinunda

Louis Kinunda is a Business Intelligence Specialist and MBA graduate who has extensive experience in IT and Telecoms industry. He has worked in multiple BI projects and IT systems implementation focusing in unlocking value and growth through technology capabilities. He is also passionate about Strategy development and Innovation space.

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